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Inspired by a roadside glimpses of the Sierra Nevadas the image stuck with me back to the Las Vegas studio. The kenetic nature of swaying wind and trees compelled the addition of type to create the impression.

In stock


24″ x 72″

Acrylic, glaze, and varnish on wood panel


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  • Why the focus on original art?

    There is something special about original art that can't be reproduced. It looks different, feels different, it's authentic.

    We believe that art should be produced, not reproduced. CONRAD WEST GALLERY offers exclusive original artworks created by hand from dedicated artists who love to create.

  • When will I receive my art?

    You art typically ships within a few days.

  • How is my art shipped to me?

    We use the services of MUSEUM CHOICE CRATING AND SHIPPING. Click here to learn about their services.

    If you are in the Las Vegas area, we are happy to personally deliver your art.

  • Do the art prices include framing?

    Unless otherwise indicated, all art is sold unframed.

    Let the art guide your frame selection. Each artwork is distinct in personality and tone, and each frame composition should honor and help illuminate the art itself.

    Visit our CUSTOM FRAMING page for more information.

  • NATURE ECSTATICS by David A. Soto

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