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Birgit Piskor

Professional artist Birgit Piskor was born in the town of Calw, situated in the Black Forest region of Germany. At a young age, she immigrated to Victoria, British Columbia, on the west coast of Canada, where her studio and gallery are now located.

Known for her sensual organic forms, Piskor’s unique sculptural works are held in private collections both locally and internationally. Her work is steadily evolving – from gracefully arching female forms to striking geometric totems to large-scale abstract pieces.  Each of Piskor’s original sculptures is individually hand built with exceptional attention to detail.

Piskor channels the industrial essence of concrete into shapes and textures that defy its inherent rigidity. The flowing organic concrete forms she produces are tactile expressions of transformation and visceral moments of beauty.

Jeff Ladoucer

Jeff Ladouceur was born in Nanaimo, BC (Canada) in 1975 He has since divided much of his time Between New York, Montreal and Vancouver where he currently resides.

Ladouceur is well known and highly regarded for his drawings, paintings and sculptures which represent a recurring & evolving cast of cartoonish forms and wispy characters. These spirits, mascots & living landscapes often weave into one another. When not arising, sauntering, blooming or igniting in pure joy, they simply fold, fumble, deflate, wince, flop, tangle, fluster, sag (& snooze). All the while falling forward through a transforming realm of ether, ocean, cloud, wooden-planks & trickling waterways.

Ladouceur’s anthropomorphic drifters are often decked out with a saggy sad-sack rubbery mug or a pure bright eyed dorky smile, or sometimes both. These totemic familiars are our etheric representatives and psychic portrait stand-ins laid to paper, canvas, wood and more.

Elise Remender

Elise Remender’s love of painting began at an early age as she created imaginary worlds in her hometown of Phoenix, AZ. After graduating from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, CA with a degree in children’s book illustration and animation, Elise returned to Phoenix to continue practicing her original love of painting. It was here that she began creating abstract works, as well as landscapes and florals.
“The most beautiful thing in Arizona to me was the pools. Everyone had a pool and I was drawn to the interplay between the reflected light and turquoise color of the water.”

The dreamlike quality of shimmering turquoise pools inspired Elise to imagine a fantasy world of timeless beauty and the freedom of endless summers. She created her Bathing Beauties series to give a glimpse into this Technicolor world, blending the vibrant colors of pop art with the realism of contemporary traditional painting.

Curtis Cutshaw

Curtis Cutshaw’s paintings show us how a painting is made. Each step of the Artist’s process can be seen. Each choice is there for the viewer to unravel, as if stopped in time. Each piece shows a choice, a step forward to the final realization of the complete painting.

Fractured and deconstructed images on individual birch wood tiles create a sense of removal of meaning. Scratched, rubbed, marked, erased and distressed images hint at repurposing and the multiple pieces appear to have had a history, where in fact the artist creates them. The viewers’ mind wants to reassemble the pieces and use what is there to create what is not there. Cutshaw does not allow for the accidental. The works may appear spontaneous, yet every piece, every mark; whether it is painted, drawn or scratched, is intentional and created by the artist. The artists’ touch, his hand and his construction are at the center of each work.

Todd McCormack

Todd has been committed to developing his unique voice by using many of the tools he developed thru his art education, graphic design training and ongoing exploration of street art. He suggests that urban art seems uncensored, where the visual rebels of society get to play and experiment, slowly desensitizing the rest of the world’s aesthetic standards, helping us to debug our program of perfection. Todd finds richer and more authentic ways to communicate his art in this harmony of deconstructing aesthetic patterns and formulas.

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