Clovis Pareiko

Clovis Pareiko is New York-based artist, born in Paris and a graduate of L’École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux Arts (Fine Art School of Paris) with a major in Painting.

Beauty and aesthetic have always been a major concern for me. I focus my energy on it because I believe that beauty is our ticket to transcendance. I’m not alone to think that: neuroscience has recently shown that human brain is wired to seek beauty.

Looking at a beautiful face, a beautiful landscape, a beautiful piece of art is our best way to slow things down. When we take the time to bask into beauty, we give ourselves the opportunity to change, to evolve for good.

Even if we find beauty everywhere, yet it remains elusive. For the last 30 years, I’ve been trying to aim this impossible goal, sketch after sketch, painting after painting. And I like to do it by playing tricks with the boundaries of reality. When the viewer looks close, they see brush strokes, curves, shadows. They actually look at an abstract work. When they step back though, they see either water reflections, steps, mouths, faces… Parts of reality. They experience this magical shift from abstract to figurative and the other way around.

Through time, so many works have been accomplished by so many great artists, yet today we keep intriguing and surprising the viewer. It’s stimulating to know that.

This is my fuel, this is my joy, this is my inspiration.


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