David A. Soto

Swift marks, pointillist drips and proportional forms juxtaposed in a stark arrangement of space with fast expressive gestural contour lines.


David A. Soto was born and raised in Orange County CA (1980). As a young child, David’s love of drawing, and skateboarding would flourish. His commitment soon landed him in iconic skate films and magazines. In (2006) a capsule collection; designed with a Japanese clothing line and boutique expanded into a distributed animation project (2008). Continuing to further his art out of downtown Los Angles, his creative tenacity would blossom, venturing into the wine business and owning a tasting room in rural Oregon (2015-18). A combination of art, skating, and an entrepreneurial spirit keeps David’s work fresh exhibiting in Madrid, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas.
Artist Statement David’s mind state often becomes an interpretive color arrangement were the essence of community enters the landscape in abstract compositions and contemporary observations. Blurred line posture of subject and shape characterized with hints of type, and street-level energy, creating unifying moments with stylish sequences from an urban perspective.

Description of the Work

Using typographical marks, pointillist drips, and hard edges juxtaposed along with painted sketched forms. This combination of illustrated gestures and hard-edge painting is rooted in many of his pieces. David layers the work using various tools with veils of color, and acrylic glazes while creating a deep field of clear frenzy and ecstatic movements.

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