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Eric Von Seibert began painting at the age of three. Over the years, he refined his skills as a contemporary artist and utilized his talents in sculpting neon, painting with metals, and grinding aluminum. Now recognized as an accomplished metal artist, Von Seibert creates vibrant and impactful pieces capturing abstract landscapes, pop culture icons, and interpretive designs. After majoring in the Arts at the University of Houston, he also taught at the University of California in San Diego. Today, he lives on Key Allegro Island in Rockport, TX and Maui, Hawaii, and concentrates on his unique style of metal art.

“It is my intention to stretch the limits of what is capable in any medium,” says Von Seibert, “I enjoy bringing new dimensions into existence  – adding an experience of depth to an inherently restrictive plane by using 3D techniques.” 

Von Seibert is the winner of numerous artistic awards and is an active member of Art in Maui. His devotion to the art of painting and metal work has resulted in numerous private and corporate commissions, a strong collector following, and success in Galleries across the Western United States. 

Working with metals is unlike any other type of painting genre.  For an artist such as Von Seibert, the challenge is to painstakingly grind raw aluminum to shape and direct the reflective effects of ambient lighting to complement the subjects and forms of his paintings. In doing so, he achieves captivating illusions of foreground-background separation juxtaposed with ecstatic coloration. 

The spontaneous and vibrant colors of his medium result in works that are rich in energy, celebrate the sensory integration of sight and mental perception, and imbued with a feeling of transcendent awe. 

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