John Joseph Hanright

John Joseph brings a combination of vintage and contemporary ideas together to form paintings with a story, history, and presence.

John was always an artist growing up. Constantly drawing and creating with his parents urging. Residing in Laguna Beach CA after high school, John was exposed to California Contemporary Art and alternate methods of painting and assemblage. John lived in Thailand for a short while and this ultimately brought even further ideas of concept and the importance of “Text” within his works. Both of these terms in his creative life would prove pivotal in the development of his work.

Working with wax and abstract assemblage in college led to breakthroughs within his paintings. John used mixed media to his strength and developed a more complex meaning within his work. Ever searching for vintage magazines and imagery, John uses; 40’s, 50’s and early 60’s periodicals like “Life”, “Saturday Evening Post”, “Look”, vintage travel magazines, and movie posters.

John describes his work presently as: “My work is thought-provoking, fun, sexy and inspired by experience and visuals found.  This mixing of imagery and symbols in paint and/or mixed media combine to form pieces with a twist and discovery.  The art can be a combination of conceptual art, American Art, pop culture and derived from life from the ’50s to the present day.  I present bold imagery with subtleties and simplicity to contradict and poke fun of. My engagement in my work is with thought, energy, and impulsive risks.”

Select solo and group shows including; Red Dot Miami/Art Basel, LA Art Fair, Palm Beach Modern and Contemporary, Art New York/Art Miami, Market Art, and Design Hamptons, Samuel Owen Gallery,  Cavalier Gallery, Cove Gallery, Whistler Contemporary Gallery, Chase Edwards Gallery, West Branch Gallery, Gallery Go, Whistler Gallery of Contemporary Art, Laguna Gallery of Contemporary Art, House Of Roulx, Naples Art and Design Show, Melanoma Foundation, Liberty Hotel, Montserrat College of Art Permanent Collection. John’s work can be found in private collections worldwide.

John holds a degree in Painting and Fine Art from Montserrat College of Art in Beverly MA. Currently residing in Boston MA .

John Joseph Hanright, artist

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