Kato Rempel

Kato Rempel was born in Vancouver, BC, Canada. She spent her early 20s and 30s in the graphic design industry when the computer age was blossoming.

After working 14 years non-stop in this industry she escaped to South East Asia with her family. She studied foreign cultures, art, and architectural design in Sri Lanka. The foreign landscapes that inspired her most were in Sri Lanka and India. Intertwined with these travel adventures she studied oil painting and eventually turned art into her career years later. When she came back to Canada she relocated to Kelowna, BC where she continued her studies in oil painting with two wonderful local artists Kristy Gordon and Jerry Markham. She is continuing her studies in Vancouver, BC, and continues to develop her style.

Her artwork is in private collections worldwide, from London, England to Sydney, Australia, Germany, Australia, Canada, India to the United States.

Kato, AFCA, SCA has won several awards through the Federation of Canadian Artists juried shows and has completed a peer review advancement that now gives her the designation of AFCA (Associate Member of the Federation of Canadian Artists). She has received her Elected Membership designation through the Society of Canadian Artists in 2020.

Artist Statement

Figurative: Kato’s figurative oil paintings often embody a sense of longing for the unknown. We feel this in the dichotomy between what we see and what exists in our own special world of our mind. In pushing the subject matter, her earlier work was an expression of intimacy and connectedness. Her recent paintings voice a narrative of strength and blossoming womanhood.

She uses a uniquely low horizon line to create a ‘larger than life’ sentimentality. In many of her earlier works, she used an extreme foreshortening effect to create emotional tension within the space.

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