Lisa Adelman Kin

Lisa Adelman Kin’s heavily painted, large scale canvases feature a mix of vibrant colors and imagery both abstract and representational.  A long time admirer of  primitive and tribal art and the Neo-Dada movement. These influences are often referenced in her work, most notable her early assemblage pieces. 

While she first and foremost considers herself a painter her oeuvre includes mono printing, screen printing, woodblock printing, metal sculpture and ceramics.  She has been known to combine multiple techniques in a single piece.

“My muse is this crazy world around us.” she has said. “each piece is a collection of reactions,  of feelings based on experiences I have had, people I have encountered. Every experience, each person is unique so the methods, technique and materials may vary.”

Kin was born in Seattle, Washington and raised in Ohio. She received her BFA  from Bowling Green State University with specializations in Painting and Drawing and minors is Printmaking and sculpture.  

She has lived in Chicago, Seattle and Walla Walla, Washington and now considers Las Vegas her home.

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