Nick Veasey

As a struggling freelance photographer, Nick was asked by his then-girlfriend, a designer for the TV show The Big Breakfast, to X-ray a Pepsi can. The resulting image sparked an idea that he has explored for over 25 years.

Inspired by the floral radiographs of the photographer and dental scientist Albert G. Richards, he has X-rayed everything from Christmas trees to the fashion designs of Alexander McQueen. Most famously, Nick created a life-size rendition of a Boeing 777 jet airliner using over 1,000 separate X-rays, which subsequently featured on the side of a hangar for United Airlines.

Invisible to the human eye, high-energy electromagnetic radiation is a dangerous but ethereal medium. Nick’s lyrical imagery is created using machines used for medicine and industrial radiography. Nestled in a lead-lined chamber in the Kent countryside, he penetrates the surface to take viewers on a journey to a dimension otherwise hidden and unseen.

Along with working with prestigious brands like Porsche, BMW, Levi’s and Nike, Nick has exhibited worldwide and featured in publications including National GeographicWired and the Independent. He also appeared on television for the BBC, NBC and Discovery Channel.

Nick says: “My art is something people can connect with. It’s real, it’s not hypothetical and complicated – it’s instant. You can see how things and connect and tell a story. It’s like you’ve blinked and the world has tipped into X-ray.”

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