Raphael Schnepf

Raphael Schnepf has been on the art scene since he graduated from New York's High School of Industrial Art in 1954.

He went on to graduate from Cooper Union and receive his BFA from San Francisco Art Institute. He was active in the 60s counter-culture designing posters for the Avalon Ballroom among others. In early ’67 he did the original “Summer of Love” poster. He went on to album covers, comics, and other graphics. Some of his work from that time is in the permanent collections of MOMA NY and MOMA SF and have been in publications such as “A Concise History of Posters”, “Eureka” and The Art of Rock.

Raphael Schnepf at the easelRediscovering the airbrush he went on to paint illustrations for record jackets, murals, and book covers. Later in the ’70s, he joined with Savoy Studio as a designer and glass painter which took him to Portland, Oregon, where he still resides. For many years his work with Savoy has been installed in venues around the nation. These days most of his time is spent doing Plein Air and studio oil paintings as well as fused and painted glass.

Raphael Schnepf, artist

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