Rocky Asbury

Athlete Turned Artist

Rocky Asbury Artist

In 2015 I hung up my cleats and put away my golf clubs only to pick up a paint brush. I knew without any training the deck was stacked against me but I still felt the challenge and believed I could do it. Some would say being self taught i would be at a disadvantage and that may be so, but I also feel as if i have an advantage because I follow no rules or instructions and everything is usually 100% spontaneous. I use everything from acrylics to oil sticks/paint and spray paint. I also use brushes, scrappers, and pallet knives.

I struggled in the beginning because I didn’t really have an identity and I spent a lot of time trying to mimic other artists. It wasn’t until I was really struggling that I realized the only way I was going to make it was to be myself. I came up with a style that combines a lot of the artists I’m inspired by (Jean-Michael Basquiat and Andy Warhol) as well as a lot of urban street art. My inspiration comes from all around us in our daily lives. It can be an old sign or a weathered wall. A colorful add or cover of a magazine. We can see art every day, we are surrounded by it. We just have to open our eyes to see it.

Artist statement

I realized art wasn’t necessarily about making this perfect painting but for me, it’s more about creating a feeling for the audience. Being able to have them understand the message in my work and relate that to our everyday lives, hopefully bringing an inspiration or positive energy to their lives or household. We are surrounded with so much negative energy in today’s world that I try and bring light to the darkness with color and flair.

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