Rose Braun

I once was a girl from Regina… I completed my Bachelors of Arts and Bachelors of Education at the University of Regina.

There has been an evolution in my work over the years, from my earliest approach in a tightly realistic mode, to my current, looser methods of application and rendering. I am enthusiastic about the expressive potential in gesture. I began working with steel panels as supports in the year 2000, and like the resistance they provide, plus I enjoy the process of etching them with
acid. I still sometimes work with oil on canvas, and with drawing on paper, and even in three dimensions, from time to time.

As far as meaning in my work, I like to keep things open-ended and ambiguous, and leave specific interpretations of the images to the individual viewer. I appreciate and have been inspired by artists who are able to convey intense emotion in their work, and also those who have made biting social commentary. Both Goya and the German Dada artists come to mind as examples. I continue to strive to keep my work feeling raw and uncontrived.


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