Scott Travis

Scott’s art came from dark beginnings that kept him from succumbing to the pressures of life.

Drawing inspiration from influences like Gerhard Richter, his early works were very abstract and decidedly different from his current creations. Being self-taught he has learned from other inspirations, like Ai Weiwei and Michelle Keck, to let his intuition and observations of the world and current events guide his brush, finding his niche in more contemporary American pride, power, and sorrow through patriotic iconography. Understanding that idle hands do the Devil’s work, Scott flourishes in his studio. Locked away for hours and sometimes days, he brings to life these bold, colorful and timeless statement pieces that speak to his own bold, yet curious perspective of the world around him. He loves this creative freedom his art provides. Keeping his brush to canvas, he exposes parts of himself he used to hide and through this process has found not just creative freedom but emotional freedom. His work is not meant to simply exist, but to move its observers; to bring you into his world.

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