Sharon Gainsburg

Sharon Gainsburg began her sculpting in clay as a hobby creating realistic figures and portraits using live models.

Ten years later she moved to New York and was introduced to stone carving and began a love affair with stone. She had one teacher in New York for two years, then relocated to New Jersey and worked independently.

After ten years of using hand tools she was introduced to power tools, and she fell in love all over again.

Her fascination with the origin of great sculptors led her to Italy where she worked near the marble quarries of Michaelangelo, in a small mountain town, Pietrasanta.

Inspired by the Renaissance, she explores with unlimited freedom the abstract expression of her ideas, feelings, and philosophies through the carving of stone. This is the language I have been given where I can communicate from my heart the magic of Life’s journey. Stone is a composite of all elements: fire, air, earth and water. When I sculpt I am connected to the earth and a universal consciousness.

In 1982 she began teaching stone carving to students who had never done any form of art, as a way of creating artistic stimulation in her world. Using the direct carving method she was very successful in teaching people to tap into an unconscious part of themselves and reduce their performance anxiety.

In 2005 Sharon relocated to Las Vegas and started a new chapter in her life, surrounded by the mountains, very blue sky, desert and family which has been an inspiration to her. Her sculptures have been placed in many private and corporate collections, such as Gannet Corporation, New Jersey Power and Light, Samson Corp. In 1988 she was commissioned to create an award to be given out by the National Foundation of Infectious Diseases. The award was presented for the next 16 years to philanthropists, physicians, Senators and Nobel Prize winners.

She continues to create sculpture, sell her work, teach stone carving, Intuitive Painting and facilitate workshops on Unblocking Creativity, based on Julia Cameron’s book “The Artist Way.”

Sharon Gainsburg, artist

Her autobiography, “ Worldbridger, A Sculpted Life” is about her unconventional journey and photos of her work over 55 years. Anyone who has a desire to create will enjoy her path and be encouraged to follow their dreams, and never give up!

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