Terry Gilecki

Terry began his career as an artist at the age of 20 in the prairie city of Saskatoon Saskatchewan shortly after attending college in Manitoba where in 1973 he earned his diploma in commercial art. Since that time he has had a diverse and successful professional career as an artist that eventually lead him to the west coast of Canada and a full-time devotion to fine art. While working on a private mural commission in Vancouver, Terry was fortunate to discover the pleasure and challenge of painting the “Koi” and the world they live in. As his interest evolved, he found the Koi to be not only a compelling and visually appealing subject but also a very infectious subject to paint. Immersing himself completely into his art was an immersion into a surreal and fantastic world. This journey of exploration has now spanned years and continues to provide Terry with a seemingly endless source of ideas and inspiration for his paintings. Terry lives and works at his home and studio with his wife and family on beautiful Vancouver Island. His work is widely exhibited throughout the U.S. and Canada and collected around the world.

It’s my hope and intention above all, that my art has a positive and lasting effect on the viewer. Regardless of whether we lose ourselves in the endless horizons of a desert, the majesty of the mountains, or in an intimate view of the planet beneath our feet, there is an “infinity” for an artist to explore and discover.

Since I paint primarily from imagination, I enjoy an exceptionally wide creative freedom that allows me to blend, bend, and stretch the lines between reality and the surreal.

Many of the techniques and methods I have had to master as an artist over a long and diverse career have come together to become the unique connection that is my art today. The Koi, are but one ingredient in the recipe but they are the unassuming stars and key to bringing life, color, and the sense of calm and serenity into the mix. It was that essence I was so compelled at capture long ago and I remain overjoyed that I am able to carry that essence onto my canvas, allowing anyone to have a piece of a tranquil and mesmerizing paradise in their home.


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