Thomas Moxley

Thomas is best known for his figurative mixed media paintings. He delights in adding unexpected geometric and sometimes complex figurative forms that often remain hidden from the viewer at first glance. The artist is at ease playing the jester in hopes the careful eye will find amusing and captivating rewards upon further inspection of his work. Winged creatures are among Thomas’ personal favorites and often remain in his private collection.

Thomas Moxley was born in Miami, Florida in 1944. He earned a masters of arts degree in painting and lithography at San Jose State University in 1975. Starting out, he sold his work as a street artist in Embarcadero Plaza and Ghirardelli Square in San Francisco. Later, he began a teaching career that lasted some fifteen years. He has owned four art galleries and has directed seven others in Beverly Hills, New York, Lahaina, Scottsdale, and Santa Fe.

Thomas relocated to southern Arizona in 2007. Following a life-changing illness he retired from the art gallery business and opened a private studio where his focus remains on his own work and spirituality. He also works as a life coach and art instructor at a rehabilitation facility for teenage boys recovering from addictions to alcohol and/or drugs.

Thomas is involved in numerous activities, including single action shooting, antique collecting, and is a supporter of animal shelters and other charitable organizations.

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