Christopher Walker

““The force which binds my concepts as a perceptual realist stems from my observations of contemporary human civilization and its relevance to the natural world. All subjects are bound together with metaphoric juxtaposition to render an enigmatic association giving the narrative of each image a subjective conclusion. The intent is to create a neutral platform of description as to the statement being made within the composition. My interest in environmental sciences has always been the nucleus of my creativity. I base my artistic expression on what I have experienced on this subject as well as combining the contemporary condition of human civilization in the 21st century. My goal is to depict human relevance to the environment from the perspective of modern culture.” Artist, Christopher Walker originates from Montreal, Quebec he has been a celebrated Canadian fine artist for over 35 years. His work can be found in many government, corporate and private collections internationally. He was formally educated in the arts at the Ontario College of Art and Design University located in Toronto. His artwork has been exhibited in some of Canada’s most prestigious art galleries including The Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, The Royal British Columbia Museum, The Canadian Museum of Nature, Ottawa, The Vancouver Maritime Museum, The Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre, Yelloknife, N.T. as well as the Minnesota Marine Art Museum the Canadian Consulate General, Seattle, WA, and the National Science Foundation, Virginia, USA.  His work is proudly displayed at various Canadian Department of Fisheries and Oceans and Environment Canada offices and boardrooms across Canada and is also included in the Royal Collection, UK. He was awarded the Canadian Coast Guard’s Commissioner’s Commendation Pendant as well the the U.S. Arctic Service Medal in 1994. In 2016, Walker was elected a Fellow of the Royal Canadian Geographical Society.  He has been featured in the documentary, “By Icebreaker to the North Pole” which was aired on the Arts and Entertainment Network as well as The Discovery Channel. There have been numerous magazine articles over the 35 years of his full-time career as a Canadian fine artist including Magazin’ Art and Arabella magazines. He is passionate about the environment and wildlife and is an avid horseman. He continues to paint his progressive, perceptual realist style on Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

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