HOLD THE LINE by Beti Kristof

48″ x 36″, acrylic/mixed media on canvas

This painting represents a moment in our society, our world history, and in memory of today and only a few months ago and still in our future – of when nations of people came together for a higher purpose in unison taking action against an invisible foe.

Not so invisible anymore.

Hold The Line speaks volumes honoring the heroic and warrior-like perseverance of health care workers everywhere who on the front lines took care of the needs of others.

Hold The Line is a one of a kind painting with an intention of creating an allegory in memory of a one of a kind worldwide event of epic influence.

This painting has been seen worldwide on various news and online magazine media.

Co-created with artist A.D. Cook

original painting: $11,554

sku: bk-holdtheline

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