Jason Myers

     Jason Myers is a prolific multi-disciplinary artist with studios in Indiana and the Netherlands. Myers received his bachelor’s degree from the Kansas City Art Institute and his MFA from American University. Myers has built upon his rich experience in different media, many of which he has taught at University level, and combined this experience with consistent evolution of both his style and technique. This resulted in a unique combination of traditional artistic and industrial raw materials in his current work – work in which technology is married to economics and the feeling of utter alienation haunts the figures populating the works. His artwork invites the use of such materials as steel, resin and computer generated prints. Complex, layered and exquisitely executed, Myers’ work often questions our current political and socioeconomic environment.
     Forgoing the “typical trajectory” perhaps expected from modern-day artists – a Brooklyn studio, numerous assistants – Myers instead opts for solitary path. The majority of the work he creates takes a year to complete from its conception. Myers’ determination and dedication to his art is captivating, leaving lasting impressions on its viewers. With works exhibited across the United States and abroad, Myers’ acclaim has only grown in the past several years. The artist’s solo museum exhibit titled “STATUS: fluid/dynamic” has traveled to both the Polk Museum of Art (Florida, 2017) and the Art Museum of Greater Lafayette (Indiana, 2019). During the summer of 2018, Myers was selected to create a monumental (60-foot tall, 38-ton) sculpture for the Lowlands Music Festival (Netherlands). His works are in the permanent collection of several museums, including the IMA (Indianapolis Museum of Art). In addition, individual works have been featured in museum exhibitions including: The Mint Museum (North Carolina, 2018-19), Museum de Fundatie / Kasteel het Nijenhuis (Netherlands, 2018), and the Cornell Museum (Florida, 2016)



Jason Myers artist

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