Rocky Asbury

Rocky Asbury Artist

Athlete Turned Artist

A contemporary impressionist street artist based out of Las Vegas NV, Rocky Asbury began his art journey in 2014. His daughter was his inspiration to change careers from paintless dent repair to something that allowed him more time to be home with her.

Being completely self-taught, Rocky started painting in his garage where everything seemed to find a way to get paint on it. Like many artists starting out, he struggled until he settled into his own unique style. Influenced by the likes of Banksy, Basquiat, Condo, and Theodore, Rocky’s approach mixes his favorite artists together into one amalgamous style, providing him plenty of ideas for new works and an unlimited potential for continuous growth.

Rocky’s inspiration comes from the simple everyday life all around. Whether it’s a conversation or an old sign, or whether it’s something happening in the world or around him, he is always surrounded by ideas. His main goal is to create works that are inspired by love, life, and positive energy. He hopes to bring joy and happiness to others, as well as put a simple smile on the face of those who come across his work.


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