THE EXCEPTION by Patrick Rubinstein

67″ x 67″, Mixed Media 

sku: pr-theexeption

The ‘Exception’ Artworks of Patrick Rubinstein marked a turning point in the artist’s artistic trajectory.

Far from the explosion of colors that had characterized his earlier creations, the artist presents a work with subdued tone composed of monochrome palette. Yet, not the least monotonous, the colors are contrasted by a precious lace of materials, resulting in new optical effects.

The gold and silver features accentuate the artworks with distinctive luxurious allure, extending the kinetic dynamic. The natural light variations on these materials also alter the visual perception of the artwork according to their intensity. The kinetic effect is further amplified through the artwork’s monumental dimensions. The artist retraces to the pioneer origins of optical art through the subject matters presented in his creations.

Without parting from the pop roots that inspire the artist, Patrick Rubinstein evolves towards an artwork of maturity, affirming his position as one of the leading contemporary artists today.

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