Wonders Of The Universe by Kenny Youngblood


76″ x 42″, acrylic under automotive urethane on canvas

ustom framed with black lacquered and dark blue velvet scoop liner. Framed dimensions: 84″ x 50″.
Complete with custom made, frame-mounted, spotlight (fabricated by the artist); requires 110 power.

“The reaction of those who see it for the first time is the best review an artist could ever receive.”

– Kenny Youngblood

I’ve always been in awe of the artistic beauty of the Las Vegas strip. What other city can boast of having the Eiffel Tower, a pyramid and New York City as part of its skyline? Upon relocating here in 2002, I searched local galleries for paintings of Las Vegas, but could find none. While one can find works depicting other major cities (like Paris, New York or San Francisco), the only images of Las Vegas are those found on postcards or calendars in hotel gift shops.

As the result, and in light of the fact that Las Vegas attracts 50 million visitors a year, I set out to create a series of paintings depicting this amazing place. The series is called “Imagine Las Vegas”, and the first painting completed is of the building that not only dominates the Las Vegas skyline, but is one of the most iconic structures in all the world; the Stratosphere Tower!

Because Las Vegas is bigger than life, the painting was done on a large scale, measuring approximately 4 x 7 feet overall. To emphasize the tower’s massive size and dizzying height, I blended fantasy with reality by adding every astronomical wonder I could think of into the painting’s night sky background.

The reaction of those who see it for the first time is the best review an artist could ever receive.

original painting: $22,500

sku: ky-wondersofuniverse

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