FAQ for Artists

Questions and answers for our creative friends —

  • Do I have to be an artist to be featured on CWG?

    ConradWestGallery.com only features original art from the artists who created the art.

    That ensures us and our collectors that we are offering authentic and original works of art.

  • Do you ship outside the US?

    CONRAD WEST GALLERY specializes in safely shipping artworks worldwide. Click here to learn about our services.

  • Do you watermark images on the website?

    We prefer to show art as it was created so do not favor watermarking art images, mostly because it is confusing to art collectors. If artists require a watermark on their artworks, we will simply not include those pieces in our catalog.

  • How can I show and sell my art?

    Artists seeking representation on the Conrad West Gallery website are invited to contact us through our ARTIST APPLICATION page.

  • I'm not a Las Vegas artist. How do I get my art to CWG?

    We want to make everything as easy as possible for the artist. Any artworks that need to ship to Conrad West Gallery will be handled through our gallery to ensure that your art arrives safely.

    Conrad West Gallery will forward custom shipping container(s) as needed for the artist to simply pack and forward art to CWG. We'll take care of the rest.

  • Is there an artist contract?

    Once your art is submitted, reviewed and approved, our gallery director will discuss the CWG Artist Agreement with you personally.

  • What does it cost to be featured as an artist?

    It costs the artist nothing to be featured. Rather, we function as a regular gallery and earn our commissions through hard work, relationships, and sales.

    Having said that, we are very particular about the artists we share with our collectors.

    If you feel that you are a good fit, please visit our Artist Application page and show us your art.

  • What if I have more questions?

    As our FAQ PAGE continues to grow, we endeavor to answer your questions there.

    If you don't see what you are looking for, feel free to contact us anytime via our CHAT NOW feature on the bottom right corner of every page.

    We can also be contacted through our CONTACT PAGE.

    Lastly, our phone number is listed at the bottom of every page on this website.

  • Who owns my copyright?

    The artist owns the copyright to their artworks. Conrad West Gallery works with artists to offer their original artworks only.

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