FAQ for Art Buyers

We're here to help with your art questions.

Because we offer original art made by hand, we like to know the artists behind the hands that make the art we sell.

Our customer support team is passionate about art and always excited to help with your collection, from art purchase to framing to shipping.

We’re here for you.

If you don’t see the answer to your question here, we welcome you to contact us anytime.

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Questions and Answers before you buy —

  • Can I commission a custom painting or artwork from your artists?

    Certainly, many of our artists create commissioned artworks for our collectors.

    Contact us to discuss your custom art.

  • Do the art prices include framing?

    Unless otherwise indicated, all art is sold unframed.

    Let the art guide your frame selection. Each artwork is distinct in personality and tone, and each frame composition should honor and help illuminate the art itself.

    Visit our CUSTOM FRAMING page for more information.

  • Do you offer art hanging service?

    Yes, for home or commercial, we can help install your art safely and secure. Contact us your specifics and we'll make it happen.

  • Do you offer custom framing?

    Yes! Conrad West Gallery offers quality custom framing to compliment your art.

    Visit our CUSTOM FRAMING page for more information.

  • Do you post a price list?

    You can access our available art prices on their respective art pages.

    All prices are FOB, Las Vegas.

  • Do you ship outside the US?

    CONRAD WEST GALLERY specializes in safely shipping artworks worldwide. Click here to learn about our services.

  • How can I learn more about the artists?

    Each artist featured on ConradWestGallery.com has a bio page that can be accessed throughout the site;

    > Access artist bios from the FEATURED ARTISTS page.

    > Type their name into the SEARCH BAR at the bottom of any page.

    From any art page, click the "About this artist" link.

  • How is my art shipped to me?

    Conrad West Gallery specializes in museum quality art shipping. Click here to learn about our services.

    If you are in the Las Vegas area, we are happy to personally deliver your art.

  • Is it possible to meet the artists?

    Our artists love their collectors and fans and are available for shows and events when possible.

    While some of our featured artists are local to Las Vegas, others are outside the area. We are happy to help arrange a meeting if needed.

    Join our email list for show updates.

  • What if I have more questions?

    As our FAQ PAGE continues to grow, we endeavor to answer your questions there.

    If you don't see what you are looking for, feel free to contact us anytime via our CHAT NOW feature on the bottom right corner of every page.

    We can also be contacted through our CONTACT PAGE.

    Lastly, our phone number is listed at the bottom of every page on this website.

  • What is Representational Art?

    "Representational Art" is blanket term for art that represents some aspect of reality, in a more or less straightforward way. The art may have been created realistically or stylized, but when you look at it you generally know what it is.

    View our Representational Art gallery for examples.

  • When will I receive my art?

    You art typically ships within a few days.

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