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CONRAD WEST GALLERY CUSTOM FRAMING is your best Solution for Custom Art Framing in Las Vegas

Art Angel painting by Beti Kristof

Why Conrad West Gallery Art Framing?

Artwork is valuable, and it deserves to be presented in the best way possible. Fine art framing is one way to make sure your work catches the eyes of potential buyers and attracts the admiration it deserves. Unfortunately, framing can be an expensive, time-consuming ordeal, costing many galleries and museums hefty sums, especially given the additional costs of packing and shipping once a piece is purchased.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Conrad West Gallery Custom Framing provides a high quality, streamlined process for taking care of art framing, whether you are a gallery, museum, or private collector. If you need art framing in Las Vegas, Conrad West Gallery is the place to go.


Framing is an art form in its own right. Each piece of artwork requires a frame that will help accentuate its best qualities without overshadowing it. This takes a discerning eye to manage. We can help you by selecting the best matting and frame materials for your work, whether it’s a high-end project or mid-range work. From there, we skillfully design and craft a frame that will best present your piece.

Our frames are crafted to hold up to the rigorous requirements of museums and galleries, featuring UV filtering glass and high-quality materials. These features, plus our techniques, help preserve your investment, allowing you peace of mind throughout the process.

Quality Materials

Galleries have high standards when it comes to how their art is presented. It needs to be attractive as well as resilient. In particular, the glass used needs to filter out UV rays to prevent fading. At Conrad West Gallery Custom Framing, we use only the best materials and techniques for our art framing. Las Vegas’ clients can present their fine art with frames using only UV resistant glass, archival quality frames, and skilled techniques. Whether your work calls for simple framing to help it stand out or a fanciful frame to accentuate its every detail, we can help you meet all of your framing and mounting needs.

Streamlined Process

Our work in fine art shipping for Las Vegas galleries and private collectors allows us to streamline the process of art framing. Once a piece is purchased, you have no need to send it to a framer prior to shipping. We can take it, frame it, pack it up, and send it on its way. This saves you time and money, as it consolidates the entire ordeal of framing and shipping into a one-stop process.

Art Shipping and Framing Services

If you need a frame for a piece that’s about to be shipped to a buyer or simply displayed in your gallery, you have a number of options. However, not all of them will provide the best value or quality.

In Las Vegas, art shipping doesn’t have to be separate from framing. By bringing the two processes together, you save time and money, and you also reduce the risk to your artwork, since far fewer people will be handling it. To learn more about our services, contact Conrad West Gallery Custom Framing today.

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