Keith Mikell

“As you can see from my work subtly is not my forte. I enjoy the immediate impact that my work has on its viewers. My themes are primarily heavily embodied subjects with vibrant colors: they are raw and unbridled in their symbolism and messages. Although some images are characterless to an extent, at first glance, but their purpose for being eventually becomes quite obvious. The lack of or purposeful use of color to depict ethnicity in some of my paintings is primarily used to describe subject matter and themes that are universal to us all. Color is also very important to me because it sets the moos or ambiance shall we say. Color is visceral, thought provoking, confident, tempting, pretentious, and emphatic in its statement and meaning. The voice of artist should reach out to not only entertain and beautify, but to touch people emotionally whether it be sentimentality or call to action. Because art is organic, we should make it fresh and relevant for people of all cultures to understand, especially in this renewed era of blatant racism, cultural divisions, terrorism, and beguiling social ignorance.” Born and raised an only child in the heart of Los Angeles, Keith’s introduction and fascination with art began as a child of eight. His next door neighbor would sit at the kitchen table drawing sports figures out of magazines; Keith would watch and emulate the neighbors work on his own paper. From his humble beginning would come marvelous detailed illustrations of his own. Keith would go on to study fine art at San Diego State University and Otis Parsons College of Art and Design in Los Angeles. His art is a reflection of life and its many emotions that can be felt and shared by us all. Keith has a distinctively individual style; a style that is easily recognized as his own. This individuality couples with his charismatic personality and popularity within the community has given him the opportunity to conduct lectures and seminars on art at local Jr. High and High schools in the LA area as well as sales and notoriety of original art pieces from coast to coast.

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