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Custom Picture Framing from Conrad West Gallery

When you have a work of art that requires framing, demand only the best by choosing Conrad West Gallery custom framing.

Our high quality, beautiful framing will complement and showcase your prized art in the best light possible. Museums, galleries, and private collectors around the country put their trust in us to help present and preserve their valuable works of art.

Fine Art Framing

Let your individual art guide the frame. Each piece of art is distinct in personality and tone, and each frame composition should honor and help illuminate the art itself. A frame should never be the focus, nor should it distract or take away from the esthetic quality of the painting, print or etching. Your fine art should be encased in equally fine framing. Quality framing is more than just “fancy” molding. Sometimes the best frame is a simple one, in fact. It’s the tasteful selection of frame and matting combined with professional, skillful mounting of the art itself that help to bring the piece together.

Specialized Framing And Frame Design

We have a wide array of moldings from which to select the components for your special frame. Whether it is a one-off high-end project that requires more extensive care and specialized materials or a moderate range project that deserves quality but without all the fuss; we will ensure your pieces are beautifully presented. With detailed and masterful techniques, we will create the frame design for your unique piece.

Archival Framing Techniques

For museum-quality treatment, look no further than the professional framing at Conrad West Gallery Custom Framing. We employ archival framing techniques to help preserve your investment, using only quality archival materials and UV filtering glass. Our framing stands up the most rigorous special requirements of art galleries. By storing art for galleries until a buyer makes a purchase, we have developed a synergistic business relationship with galleries that lessens their workload and increases their profitability. Once the sale is finalized, there is no need for a gallery to ship or deliver the piece for framing. We simply remove it from its secure storage, frame it and then drop ship – it’s one seamless, cost-effective process. It also limits the number of hands (including inexperienced ones) touching that piece of art.
For someone who truly understands the art of framing, contact Conrad West Gallery Custom Framing. We are here for all your art framing, mounting, and matting needs.

Framing by Conrad West Gallery
Art Angel by Beti Kristof, Framed
Framing by Conrad West Gallery

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