Inside Oscar De La Hoya’s Home

     De La Hoya said he was involved in designing every detail of the house, which is filled with modern furniture and earthy tones, with pops of color coming from carefully curated artwork from the Conrad West Gallery in Las Vegas. The couple chose eclectic pieces that reflect their personalities, said gallery owner Claire Conrad. “They had this beautiful home and they did not want ‘decorator art,’ ” she said. De La Hoya and Sonders were easy-going and decisive, she added. “If he likes it, he buys it,” she said.

     De La Hoya said one of his favorite pieces is a photograph of Andy Warhol and Jean-Michel Basquiat posing as boxers. He said he was advised to buy the piece in 1994, but recently learned it may not be legitimate and is trying to have it authenticated. 

     There is also a casino-inspired painting that hung at the local Harrah’s in the 1980s, and a painting from Cabo San Lucas in Mexico—one of the couple’s favorite vacation spots—that Sonders bought for De La Hoya’s birthday in 2021. At the end of the home’s main hallway is a fiberglass statue that is a replica of the Big Boy restaurant chain’s mascot: a boy holding a hamburger aloft. In this case, the boy’s head is on a platter and a hamburger rests on his shoulders. Sonders said growing up in Ohio, it was a treat to go to the chain’s $3.99 buffet, and she insisted they spring for the piece, which is a play on the saying, “You are what you eat.”

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