Mason Rempfer

   I am a self-trained, autodidact perfectionist. Chasing the idea of physical beauty within the balancing efforts of naturalism within my realism based artwork. I find inspiration from the simplicity of texture, nuances,
and grace that surrounds the human experience, developing artworks that are the physical manifestation of “stop and smell the roses”.

   My unquenchable appetite for learning the systematic beauty and visual graces continues to this day. I take pride in academic based artwork that elevates and utilizes the human mind to its fullest. Pushing every artwork further than I thought I could before, unlocking concepts, visual perception, training physically and mentally to creating the finest work my mind and body will allow me. My competitive nature has me compare and compete, my skills and my dedication to some of the greatest artist’s (in my opinion) that ever lived such as William-Adolphe Bouguereau, Peter Paul Rubens, John William Godward, Jean-Léon Gérôme, Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres, Vittorio Reggianini, and many more. I have found comfort in a competition of elevation of mind, skills, and techniques; a competition rather than the idea that talent is born with but instead is created through sheer passion, will, self-discipline, and the pursuit of knowledge. 

   This passion for the fine arts isn’t a hobby, it is the very fiber of my being. Art envelops my mind and my perspective of life, a balance of mundane with exquisiteness that enriches the mind that can be seen in every detail of forms, the symphony of light that dances with these forms, and the graces they exchange and share between one another. Orchestrated in the finest symphony of form, value, texture, detail, and subtle nuance.
Stimulating the mind.

Mason Rempfer

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