Ryan "Rhino" Franklin

Born in Orange County California in 1976 Ryan started drawing at a young age. As a teen Ryan began designing and creating T-shirt logos for customers. He later attended CBU and received a BA in Visual Arts. It was here that he discovered his love of oil painting and sculpting. While at college he received an internship position at a Special F/X theming studio. He worked his way to Art Director level and helped design and produced many projects for companies all over the world. Upon leaving RLP Special F/X. Ryan decided to start his own design firm. He did many custom projects and theming, but the company ultimately transformed into a composite production shop. Ryan was still able to help customers design their dreams, but now it was in the form of custom cars, RV components, theme parks, interior design, graphic design, and Industrial products.

Ryan was once asked by one of his first customers that knew he was a startup. What is the long term goal for your company? His reply was he wanted to fill the void he saw in the composite parts manufacturing world with an honest and reliable company. Then ultimately use that company as his foundry /factory to help create his fine art. Twenty years later his company he is doing just that. He has had numerous art shows and has won awards, including the Ford design award at SEMA. His designs can be seen everywhere from Disneyland and Disneyworld, to Universal Studios and the Motion Picture Industry. He has collaborated and brainstormed with many different artists to help bring their ideas to life. Artist such as world-famous Street Artist Kelly Gravel (AKA Risk). Assisting on his Monarchy to Anarchy series, Risky Kitty, and Risky Big Boy. He also teamed up on a project with California sculptor/Artist Charles Long and Laguna artist Mandy Brasa. Ryan is also related to California Artist John Eden whose most notable works are The Roundels. The Hat Trick, and Fear in The Sky. Ryan considers himself a Pop Artist with an impressionist and expressionism style. He studies Art masters and greats like: Edvard Much, De Kooning, Jim Dine, and Jasper Johns, all while developing his own style which is solely based on Color, Content, and Composition.

Ryan now splits time between Dana Point and Riverside California where he enjoys raising his two daughter with his loving wife

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