Sarah Favret

 Born and raised in Louisiana, Sarah Favret, received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Nicholls State University. Sarah is a multidisciplinary artist working in printmaking, photography, drawing, graphic design, and painting. Her oil paintings may range in subject matter with each one exemplifying a composition that plays with high saturation, hue, form, and texture. She draws inspiration from philosopher, Merleau-Ponty, who believes that the world of human experience is filled with ambiguity. He characterized seeing as a process through which the thing “makes itself visible in us”, he claims that the painter’s task is to explore this process of seeing. Thus the painter investigates through painting the means by which an object makes itself visible before our eyes. To do this a painter must develop a sensitivity to the elements of visual experience. Elements like light, shadow, reflection, color, depth, line, and movement tend to be overlooked. While the subject matter may change, the same elements are there to be discovered.

Sarah Favret Artist

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